About the Japan Corrugated Case Association (JCCA)

About JCCA

The Japan Corrugated Case Association (JCCA) consists of 4 corrugated industry associations – Eastern Japan, Central Japan, Western Japan and Southern Japan. The corrugated board production volume of JCCA member companies comprises approximately 90% of domestic production in Japan.

The origin of the JCCA dates back to July 1949, when it was first established in Japan as an association of corrugated board manufacturers. In July 1981, the association was split in two. One limited membership to companies with capital of less than 300 million yen or fewer than 300 employees, and the other was for companies that exceeded those figures.
As a result, there were two industry associations standing side by side within the Japanese corrugated industry. Both had shared expertise in matters such as corrugated board productivity and quality improvement, maintenance of workplace health and safety, and reduction of working hours. These two associations acted together to promote the corrugated packaging business. However, in recent years a mounting number of issues have made it desirable for corrugated packaging manufacturers to unite and act as a single body for the advancement of the industry. These include the development of technology for handling new market needs, environmental protection, the effective use of recyclable resources, and the adaptation of Japanese standards to international standards. Consequently, in December 2004 the two associations agreed to return to a single industry body with JCCA as the successor entity, and the new JCCA was established in April 2005.


Chairman Kiyoshi Otsubo, Chairman & CEO Rengo Co., Ltd.
Vice Chairmen Hideharu Takahashi, President & C.E.O Nihonshikogyo Co., Ltd.
Mitsuo Nakahashi,President & COO Tomoku Co., Ltd.
Keitaro Kojima, President Kojima Corrugated Container Co., Ltd.
Takuya Kamada, President KAMADA DANBORU CO.,LTD.
Koji Saito, President Dynapac Co., Ltd.
Tadashi Kitamura, President Morishigyo Co., Ltd.
Hidekazu Miki, President Misuzu-Shigyou Inc.
Kazutaka Sekino, President Oji Container Co.,Ltd.
Managing Director Ryo Hayama  
Secretary General Kenichi Uchiyama  

Japan Corugated Case Association

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